Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boutique fun

We had so much fun at this past boutique and part of the reason is because we are in love with our new display. A few weeks ago we were inspired to display our products on doors! We were so excited about the idea and even more so when it became a reality. One night I couldn't sleep because I was planning the layout for the doors. I had to get up and do some quick sketches so I wouldn't forget by the morning. Both of our best ideas seem to come this way. The weeks following the creation of Loopty Loo Designs contained many sleepless nights. I started keeping paper by my bed so I wouldn't have to go to the kitchen :)

Our display isn't quite finished yet because we ran out of time before the boutique but I wanted to share with you our progress so far. We have quite a few more additions so when everything is said and done we will share the final product as well.

I love this picture because every time I went to push the button someone was in the mirror. First I noticed myself standing there with the camera and then others. The girl in the mirror is Ashlie, the boutique owner, so hopefully she doesn't mind this picture. If you missed it, she was on "Studio 5" the day the boutique opened and did a great job.

Our Quinn crocheted headbands in a sea of color.

All the items we didn't get a chance to put on our doors... The hats actually have their own display coming that we are equally excited about but that will be down the road a little ways.



  1. LOVE IT! What a great idea! You ladies are truly fantastic! :)

  2. those door displays are sooo dang cute!!! you girls did a great job!